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  2007-06-25 13:05:29
  Concert with Professors of Euro Music Academy(V)
  Date&Time : August 7th(Tue), 19:30
  Place : Groβer Saal, HOCHSCHULE

At the last Professors' Concert of the Festival, Edmund Battersby who is a Piano Professor at Indiana University in USA, will play Beethoven Bagatelle and Piano Sonata No.28.
For the second stage at the concert, Keiko Urushihara, Asako Urushihara will play Moszkowski's Suite for 2 Violins and Piano with Katsurako Mikami, Piano Professor at Toho Gakuen School of Music in Tokyo, Japan.
For the finale stage, Fabio Bidini will play Galuppi, DEbussy and Chopin. He is one of the most sought top pianists in all Europe and USA.  


L. v. Beethoven
Piano Sonata A Major No.28 op.101
- Allegretto ma non troppo
- Vivace alla marcia
- Adagio ma non troppo, con affetto
- Allegro

Edmund Battersby, Piano

M. Moszkowski                
Suite for 2 Violins and Piano in G minor op.71
- Allegro energico
- Allegro moderato
- Lento assai
- Molto vivace

Asako Urushihara, Violin
Keiko Urushihara, Violin
Katsurako Mikami, Piano

                                        ----- INTERMISSION -----

B. Galuppi                
Piano Sonata in C Major No.5
- Andante
- Allegro
- Allegro assai

J. S. Bach / F. Busoni
Chaconne D minor

F. Chopin                        
Scherzo in Bb minor No.2 op.31

Fabio Bidini, Piano

Karten zu 6 EUR, erm. 5 EUR
Concert with International Competition Prize Winner(II)
Concert with Professors of Euro Music Academy(VI)
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