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  2007-06-23 22:16:33
  Concert with Professors of Euro Music Academy(II)
  Date & Time : July 23rd(Mon), 20:00
  Place : Alte Handelsbörse

Czech composers first appear in musical history during the classical era, when Vorisek, Stamitz,
Myslivecek travelled to central, western and southern Europe in the service of princes.
Czech national music developed its identity later, growing out of the traditions of German Romanticism
and represented above all by Smetana and Dvorak.
At the turn of the century, the dominant figure was Janacek, who grew up surrounded by Maravian folk
music. And more recently still, Bohuslav Martinu drew his inspiration from the French avant-garde in the 1920s, blending it into his own later humanistic style.
In the 1st part, Markus Nyikos and Jaroslav Smykal opens with the piece of Mendelssohn,
the representative musician of Leipzig. And this duo will play the Bohemian works.
In the 2nd part, the same East-European composer Shostakovich's piano trio will be played.


F. Mendelssohn                  
Variations Concertantes D-major op.17 (1829)
J. Suk                                  
Ballade und Serenade op.3  (1900)
L. Janácek                          
Märchen (Fairy Tale) (1910)
- Con moto  
- Con moto  
-  Allegro
B. Martinu                      
Variationen über ein slowakisches Thema
(Variations about a Slovakian Theme) (1959)
O. Nedbal                            
Capriccio op.12 No.2 (1899)

Markus Nyikos, Cello
Jaroslav Smýkal, Piano

                                          - INTERMISSION -

U. Mamlok
From my Garden(1987)

Lynn Blakeslee, Violin

D. Shostakovich                
Piano Trio in E Minor No.2 op.67
- Andante - Moderato
- Allegro non troppo
- Largo
- Allegretto

Jeong Won Suh, Piano
Nachum Erlich, Violin
Ulf Tischbirek, Cello

Karten zu 6 EUR, erm. 5 EUR
Concert with Professors of Euro Music Academy(III)
Concert with International Competition Prize Winner(IV)
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