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   [2007 Leipzig] General Information for Participants

[Name Tag]
The participants will be given a photo Name Tag at registration desk.
Carrying Name Tag is very important during the Festival.
No one is allowed to enter the lesson room without his/her Name Tag.

[Practice Room]
Second Building of the University

Available Time : 07:00am ~ 9:30pm
Address : Dittrichring 21

You will be able to use practicing room everyday at the second building of the University.

The participants will exchange their Photo Name Tag for the practice room key and vice versa after finishing their practice.
*15 minutes walk distance between Main Building and Second Building, (or one stop by tram)

[Admission for Concerts]
Concerts inside the Univ. : Free Admission by showing their name tag.  
Concerts outside the Univ. : The participants will get discount by showing their name tag.  

Mr. Alexander Meinel / Ms Eva Sperl (for String and Wind Instruments)
Mr. Bernhard Kastner (for Flute class)
Ms Sarolta Kurtovic (for Singing class)

Meeting with the accompanists Mr. Alexander Meinel / Ms Eva Sperl
Everyday 3:00pm at Euro Arts Desk on the first floor.

All repertoires which participants had submitted for accompanying were forwarded to the official accompanists.
However, please confirm with the accompanists before your lesson day.

The participants for Flute and Singing classes do not need to meet the accompanists separately.

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