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   [Participants Review] SuYeon Kim from South Korea
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The atmosphere here looks very good to study with indulging into music.
The old western buildings have been well preserved as they were built,
which helps us to understand the background of the western music that we are studying.
Seeing or hearing the music on the street is also another pleasure.
Above all, various concerts by Euro Arts help us to study a lot..

This year, concerts by young artists are organized on a big scale and we can get lots of chances
to see people of our age play.
It is very interesting and impressive to see lots of different concerts by distinguished students
or chamber music concerts as well as the concerts by professors.

Furthermore, receiving lessons from great teachers gives a big help to us.
It is delightful to get provided such a difficult chance which hardly finds in other places.  

I wish that this festival would keep giving a help to students studying music.

Finally, I am very glad to join this festival.

   [Participants Review] DaJung Kim from South Korea

   [Participants Review] Tina Culver from USA

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