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   Maria Kliegel Recital Review of Audience - Maria Kliegel Whom I Met at the Corner of Early Fall...

[Review] Maria Kliegel Whom I Met at the Corner of Early Fall…..

At the corner of early fall, I met elegant and alluring melody of cello.

The concert got started with Bach piece. I could not breathe while listening to the playing of too familiar piece. It was too fantastic.

The second piece, Arvo Paert’s Fratres is quite hard for me to understand. I could not be understandable but I strongly felt experimental. It was like we discovered what always exists but is not realized at all, for instance, unknown space in the darkness was revealed after all. From the beginning to the end, its atmosphere was in wonder.

Schubert’s Arpeggione and Brahms’ F-Major playing were very touchable and fantastical. Which sadness color shall be painted for playing of feeling sad and familiar at the same time?

I gave unsparing applause and praise to her who showed the best playing.

With a face in full smile, she gave a modest return to us with Faure’s Siciliano and Chopin’s Nocturne.

The touching moment continued to the last stage, where she performed passionately with Seoul Soloists Cello Ensemble.

In a capricious wind of the fall, at the cello concert that had a sentimental charm of its own, my rationality and emotion were overflowing with the melody of cello.

In the rolling wave, I was hit by the biggest wave, cello. I understood cello and responded to it.

At the deepening autumn night, I fell in a new love with cello.

I am not aware of cello music. But, I was moved so deeply by the cello performance of Maria Kliegel who had her first recital in our country.

- 99vivia -

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